Develop U train your leaders to put them on the fast track to success!
Our mission is to enable your leaders to achieve their business goals. Each of our clients reported significant and sustainable improvement of their work during the sessions and after that.
We believe that leaders, who teach, are intelligent, inquisitive and dedicated to success. So our approach is not to tell people the answers, but to set directions to the leaders and give the ability to self-decision learning and growth. It also gives results – your leaders are learners and help improve the way the work is being done and the way the success is being achieved.
We work with your leaders to help them identify clear and tangible steps so you can achieve your corporate goals and to reinforce and teach the skills needed for a sustainable quality in the long term.
What does coaching for your leaders, teams and organization?

  • Develops teams and individuals
  • It supplies measurable and resistant results for Financial and Team growth.
    Demonstrate return on investment, build and maintain strong relationships with key customers
  • Develop potential leaders.
    Retain talents in the organization, manages leadership and expand the brand
  • Supports choice and retention of key Talents.
    Increased engagement of employees decreases future costs for hiring new ones
  • Creates an individual and collective responsibility.
    More flexibility, choice and responsibility create and maintain competition
  • Encourages and motivates innovative thinking.
    The great individuals and teams achieve more than people see and expect
  • Encourage the development of new skills by creating competitive differences
  • Develop a common language that everyone can understand and with which everyone identifies.

Develop U is offering the first ICF approved ACSTH program, for coaching training in Bulgaria Read more…

If you are interested in coaching, you want to start your own coaching business or to implementing coaching in your organization – visit our website – MyCoaching