Successful organizations choose to use the services of accountants and consultants to take advantage of their knowledge, contacts, high level of service and optimize the cost of establishing an internal unit.

No matter if you are part of the international business scene, a small organization or just starting your business, we can offer personnel administration and to ensure the maintenance of paperwork.

Develop U offers services in the field of “Labor, Payroll and Personnel”
Activities related to the payroll are one of the fastest and rapidly changing and most complex in the field of accounting. Therefore, it is better to trust our professionals who have extensive experience in Payroll activities in the field of labor law relations. Part of the daily work of the payroll professionals is to be informed and continually monitor changes associated with the regulations of labor and wages in Bulgaria.

Why us?

We have specialists who have over 20 years of experience and have been operating in almost all areas of business. We will offer you reasonable price to cover the entire activity in the “Payroll, Accounting and Personnel”. This will save you time and money on the cost of hiring an accountant and for the time he/she will spend in monitoring legislation changes.

Some of the services we can offer are:

Preparation and maintenance of:

  • Payrolls;
  • Money orders payable to the amount of monthly contributions;
  • Official income;
  • Certificates of income;
  • Fee bills;
  • Contracts, registration in NRA;
  • Additional agreements/annexes to employment contracts;
  • Orders for termination and registration NRA;
  • Orders – paid leave, unpaid leave;
  • Contracts for management and control registration in NSSI;
  • Declaration and registration of self-employed in the NRA;
  • Job descriptions;
  • Preparation of the internal rules;
  • Internal rules for the wages in the company;
  • Documents on retirement – UP-1;
  • Documents for insurance and length of service- UP-3, UP-2;
  • Compliance with the occupational health services;
  • Mantaining employment records;
  • Keeping the Register of the submitted medical certificates;
  • Cooperation in the revisions of the NRA and the NOI;
  • Registering submitted medical certificates in NSSI;