1Develop U is profiled in the selection of retail positions at all levels of the organization, offering excellent opportunities to its partners.

We have recruiting experts in identifying talents and attract them to your business.

Develop U uses innovative and transparent processes in each of its assignment, ensuring exceptional results and high satisfaction from the chosen candidates. This process works effectively whether we are in search of finance director for a large corporate client, managing director for small and medium business, or talent for start-up leaders and professionals.

Our clients operate in variety of businesses, they run large and small organizations and operate in the field of production, marketing, software industry, and hospitality and are located throughout the country. Regardless how big is every business needs the right people to develop. Talent, motivation, commitment, and persistence are the oxygen by which each company breathes and grows. We will help you find and engage the best people for your business.
If you need to fulfill your team, or search for the next talents, professionals, specialists or trainees, contact us at:

Develop U not only guarantees its customers to provide the best fits for the positions, but also ensuring their candidates the best place to work. Depending on your experience, skills and education we will find the right place for you.

How to find or start a new job?
1. Please contact us for available roles
2. Send us your CV with a brief introduction about you
3. Contact our Career consultant
4. Contact our Training consultant for acquiring additional language or professional qualification