Develop U offers courses in English and German. Initial test specifies the level of proficiency and therefore the next level that the client wishes to pass. The language learnings take place in our own training rooms with highly qualified teachers and covers levels from A1 to C2.

Certified teacher of TESOL is conducting the course in English and our methodology training focuses on learning – business English.

For all who wish to:

– Begin language training
– Thorough knowledge and skills in a foreign language
– Improve their language skills
– Get a certificate of proficiency level in a certain foreign language

Our Professional Training Centre offers:

– English (A1 / C2)
– Business English
– French
– German
– Spanish
– Bulgarian language for foreigners

1. Each type of language courses are conducted for different levels and duration;
2. Our teachers have an individual approach to suit each student with a choice of the system, time and duration of training;
3. We offer a comfortable and cozy environment for learning, have high capacity facilities, allowing the formation of various groups and better utilization of knowledge during the learning process;
4. Thanks to our high qualified teachers our students will receive a high level of training received and approved by European educational standards;
5. After completing the course you will receive a certificate – certified by the National Agency and Employment Agency.

Develop U offers trainings for its corporate clients:

– The trainings are held in our training rooms or in the client`s offices, depending on the customer preferences;
– Each customer is entitled to choose a specific training system depending on the needs and areas of employment.


– We offer you 5% discount when sign a second family member or friend;
– We offer you 5% discount when you continue to the next level;
– We offer several options for payment, according to the preferences and capabilities of the students.

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