Develop U conducts trainings for soft skills in core competencies of the following topics:

1. Customer Service – essence of the customer service, interaction with internal and external customers, key steps in the interaction with the client, working with difficult clients, strategies for working with key clients.
2. Sales Skills – what is selling, customer needs and providing solutions, commercial skills in sales of financial services, techniques of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) for successful sales, cross-sales, after-sales service, and effective sales management in commercial team (department).
3. Negotiation Skills – what is negotiating, conditions and strategies for successful negotiations.
4. Management and Leadership
• Basics of management and managerial functions, organizational communication and its effectiveness, giving feedback to the team, basic principles of motivation and team management, delegation.
• What is leadership? Main differences between a manager and a leader. What can you do to become a manager?
5. Skills for effective communication – the essence of the successful communication, barriers to effective communication, feedback, communication styles, emotional intelligence, assertiveness in communication.
6. Effective time management – definition of time management, priorities and delegation, matrix for effective time management.
7. Managing stress – what is stress, types of stress, work life balance strategies for coping with stress.
8. Building and managing a team – what is teamwork, teamwork skills, motivation, improving performance of the team, supervision and management of team performance, conflict management.
9. Conflict Management – nature of the conflict, types of conflict, strategies for resolving conflicts.
10. Presentation Skills – what makes presentation powerful, purposes of presentations, presentation structure, techniques for influencing the audience?
11. Organizational Development – organizational assessment, strategic planning, taking reasonable risks and problem solving, change management.
12. Induction of new employees and how to mentor young employees – processes and procedures for the induction of new employees. Learn Common practices.
13. Project Management – project objective, scope of project and necessary resources, communication and interaction in a multicultural environment.
14. Training for Trainers (trainers) – includes modules such as analysis of training needs, design of training, conduct training, transfers of knowledge and skills in practice and performance measurement.
Some of the topics above are offered as open courses, within which are considered basic theories and paradigms and their practical application (see the calendar with open training). Yet they can be conducted in the form of internal corporate training (contact us for more information). If the request from our client is such we will investigate the training needs of the employees concerned by various methods, enabling us to select the most relevant content to make sure that the training will be most useful to participants. A consideration of specific cases will be included in order students to gain knowledge and skills to deal with specific problems and situations. Prior to conduct training with the contracting authority will specify the tools to measure the effectiveness and transfer of knowledge and skills in everyday life.
All training for soft skills in core competencies are conducted by highly qualified trainers with over 10 years’ experience in providing long-term training programs for Bulgarian and international companies.

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